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NF Digital Art meme Interest Survey

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140613 Hallo my photo art friends.
We seem to run out of art memes for the moment. PAF are taking a hiatus, break, until fall and Lorik´s blog and MOM has vanished. L
  I think it is a pity. For Bonny I know she is not well. But what happened to Lori I have no clue. All of a sudden her blog is gone! Maybe she turns up again.
  Well, I was thinking of starting a new meme. I already have NF Abstract on Wednesdays as some might already know. But now I was thinking of creating a new photo art meme but calling it NF Digital Art Meme. Not to confusing it with PAF or MOM.  Leaving it open for all kinds of art.
  I have no giveaways like textures or even thumbnails to watch. Thumbnails costs and those who know me know I spend my money on travels. Some people love to get challenges or inputs each time. I can think of giving that later on. If there is any interest in that. If somebody wants textures I can provide some natural ones, photos I use sometimes as backgrounds. But nothing like Bonnie's.
  For now I open a post to see if there are any interest in this kind of meme. It will be open till the end of June. You can post your link as usual. And give me input how you want this meme to work. Then I decide how to run it if I get any links at all. It would also be gret to know if you prefere Thursdays of Sundays? One option would also be Wednesdays and have NF Abstract one week and NF Digital Art the next.

  Why not post what you prepared for PAF and MOM for a start?
 Note! I already see that I have to mention that joining a meme is not a weekly commitment. Even if I decide to have a weekly meme. Everyone joins when they wants and have the time to do so. 
And, please, help me spread the word.

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  1. Hi, Monica! I would be interested in a Digital Art meme, but probably could not participate every week. The monthly was working great for me. I like to have prompts, it forces me out of my box, lol. But it's not necessary, and Bonnie always made them optional.

    I've been wanting to participate in your other memes and just haven't gotten my act together yet. Same thing on the FB page, I'm sorry I haven't been posting more. Will try to rectify that!

    I don't think I'm a Google+ only, but just in case, here is my direct email if you need to reach me:

    I was working on a moon sequence in monochrome for Bonnie's last PAF that never happened, so I'll finish that and be back to link up sometime this week.

    Thanks for asking!

  2. I always like having challenges - it makes me a think a bit more - so I would be happy to participate but it would not be on a regular basis as I'm a busy traveller too.

  3. I've just realised that my comment was published with my Google name Viridiana which I don't use much. I'm from
    thanks for leaving your comment on my post to let me know about this project

  4. I think this would be good, I miss Bonnies PAF. I would say monthly just because I contribute to something everyday at the moment which is why I can never join in with Abstract Wednesday :( So I would say anytime monthly or a Sunday if its weekly. Thanks for contacting me.

  5. I agree with the others ... I sometimes need a prompt to get the juices running. Bonnie has, on occasion, given us a choice of what we want to do and I never knew where to start. Monthly didn't work as well for Bonnie. She lost a lot of followers because they would forget after a whole month. Alternating it with Abstract would probaably be better. My abstracts are digital art so it would be easy to alternate styles. Good luck with this. I am shocked that Lori disappeared. I posted on her last week and now she is gone. I hope she is alright. Thanks for picking up the ball ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Danke für die Aufforderung.
    Ich bin gerne dabei, egal ob wöchentlich oder monatlich.
    Ich werde heute noch einen Post hierher verlinken und bin gespannt, wie es ablaufen wird. Leider ist die Übersetzung nicht gut und ich hoffe, ich habe alles richtig verstanden.
    Lieben Gruß von Jutta aus Deutschland

  7. i very much appreciate your inviting me to join in this discussion. thank you~!
    i did enjoy participating in Bonnie's digital art link-ups although i wasn't always able to participate, i found it much easier to remember when it was a weekly event. it's quite a bit of work on your part to host this sort of thing so i do understand why it might be less frequent.
    i'll just keep an eye on things and see what develops. i've happily placed a link to your survey within my latest blog post to see if more interest can be inspired.

    wishing lots of luck and enthusiasm with this idea.


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  9. Det har varit trevligt med dessa Foto Art sidor som tex Bonnies Photo Art Friday och det var också en som hade Photo Art Flowers. Jag kan tänka mig att vara med så långt min hälsa tillåter. Det kanske inte blir så ofta eller så länge till.

  10. Yes, that's an exciting proposal. I don't really like working with memes as what I make tends to be rather spontaneous (accidental) but I do love the idea of having a place where those experimenting with photo art can be inspired by each other. I really do feel the need for a space where digital artists of all levels can share their work. If you start a new digital art site I will gladly participate. I think monthly is too infrequent as people tend to forget. Maybe alternating Abstract with Digital meme (with option of free subject matter) would be preferable, as you suggested.

  11. I love the idea of a Digital Art linkup. I'm not sure I would be able do it every week, but monthly, or alternating with Abstract would work well for me. Thank you for suggesting this!

  12. I am willing to try to! Thanks for contacting me about this!

  13. Great idea, NF - I'm in. Lori K is now on Google+ with MOM:

  14. Av ren nyfikenhet så hittade jag det här Kanske får du en ledtråd där.

  15. i would be interested in a digital art meme too.


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