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NF Blo-Ma 100 Columbine

Every Tuesday

NF Blo-Ma 100
Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. Not necessarily macro flowers.  Thanks everyone who joined last week.
Spring is here with lots of flower and macro opportunities. Don´t forget, your butterfly serves great as a macro shot. :)

Addition: Why not make some flower and macro art while you are at it? To add a little more fun to the meme.

click to enlarge
Akleja - Columbine
©  NF Photo 140622

Hmmm, Blo-Ma 100! Never thought I would have done so many of a flower meme. I was only to do during the first summer when another was on holiday. But I´m still here. I think the Columbine is a great flower for this post.

As you know I have a lot on my mind but I always returns a visit. 

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  1. Grattis till post nr 100! Jag hoppas du orkar fortsätta länge ännu.

  2. Lovely blooms and image! Have a great day!

  3. Columbines are such a unique shape!!!

  4. Beautiful shot of these interesting flowers.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. I love Columbines. A beautiful shot! I have a wild columbine on my blog today.

  6. beautiful columbines! lovely shot!

  7. Beautiful flowers -- the blue columbine is the state flower of Colorado (where our youngest son and dil live)....

    Congrats on #100!!!! And thanks.

  8. This is absolutely like a professional work. i just love to this kind of abstract digital art gallery due to a big lover of art gallery…. thanks for awesome post with the beautiful effect… keep it up the good work, waiting for the new post….


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