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NF Winged 103 Blåbärsparkmätare - Northern Spinach

Torsdagar  - Thursdays 
NF Winged 103
Welcome to a new Winged Edition. Summer is almost over. So are the winged ones. But there are still all kinds ov creatures with wings. So, go for a photohunt. Or you might even find one indoors. :) :)

NOTE! From next week on I will post at a later time. I ´d like to have a better use of my mornings and maybe we will have more participants if I post at a time when most of the other memes is posting. I will post before 20.00h, Swedish time. I have a little clock on top of the list to the right to help you out.

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Blåbärsparkmätare - eulithis populata - Northern Spinach
NF Photo 130722 

A butterfly I captured in July but did not ID until now. I only got one shot so it wasn´t that easy. Did you get an ID on your winged one?
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  1. Pretty butterfly, I have never heard of the Northern Spinach! Thanks for hosting, have a great day!

  2. Nice butterfly, it's not one I'm familiar with.

  3. Hi NF. Post No.6 on the link-list appears to be spam from a travel company.

  4. I'm gonna miss my bugs!!! Due to illness and complications, I didn't get to do as much photography as I usually do in the summer. :-(

  5. Det är inte alltid lätt att identifiera dem. För det mesta hinner jag inte ens få en bild av dem. :)

  6. A cute little one with gorgeous dusky tones.

  7. Just wonderful this little one.
    Best regards, Synnöve


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