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NF Inspiring Photography 61 - Catching the light - Reed

NF Inspiring Photography 61 - Catching the light 

 NOTE! From next week on I will post at a later time. I ´d like to have a better use of my mornings and maybe we will have more participants if I post at a time when most of the other memes is posting.
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Back light in reed in June
NF Photo 130612

This day I was out biking when I spotted this light in a small part of the muddy area of a lake. The back light making the reed glow.

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  1. Delightful shot, a feast for tired eyes.
    Thanks for hosting.

  2. I'm sorry you've decided you will start posting later in the day from next week, as I prefer to get my entry posted before I leave for work on a morning. What time are you thinking of posting in future?

  3. Vakkert.
    Ha en fin dag.

  4. I have had my Nature Notes meme for almost 4 years and there are only 20 or so people who participate,.. but I have never tried to get people to join.. This is beautiful Monica...Michelle


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