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NF Winged 96 A Tiny one

Torsdagar  - Thursdays 
NF Winged 96
Welcome to a new Winged Edition. Summer is in full swing. So are the winged ones. New species appears weekly. And newborns as well.  
This is a meme, or meeting place, for everything with wings. I´d like to see flying creatures from all over the world. The purpose with memes is to visit other participants and to have fun.  This meme is small, surely you have time to visit and comment each others posts. Let me see you around. But as you know I am a busy woman but I always returns a visit.

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Blåbärsbrokvecklare - Phiaris bipunctana
NF Photo 130708, Krämbol
This is a really tiny one and as usual I have no idea of what it is. I saw it flying and kept my eyes on it till it landed. You who frequently visit a forest  can see it sits on a blueberry bush leaf. So, this butterfly can be, maybe, 6 mm in length.
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  1. Wow, that really is a tiny butterfly, but it has beautiful patterns.

  2. Tiny little thing, is it a moth? Great capture. Thanks for hosting, have a happy day!

  3. Nature is quite amazing, is it not?
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. I love the patterns on the wings, tiny though it might be!!

  5. Definitely a Moth, but I don't know which species.

  6. The furled wings almost give this little winged character the appearance of a snail! Love the patterns!


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