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NF Blo-Ma 57 hoya sp.PNG


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NF Blo-Ma 57
Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. The name might need an explanation for international players. Blo comes from the Swedish word for flower, blomma and Ma is for macro. English translation would be Flo-Ma but that does not sound so good in Swedish so Blo-Ma it is. Thanks everyone who joined last week.
Addition: Why not make some flower and macro art while you are at it? To ad a little more fun to the meme.

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hoya sp.PNG (seems to be the name of this one)
 NF Photo 130524

This is the first bloom of this hoya. I bought it 3 years ago I think. It is rather small and has a yellow tone. I´m not completely sure about the name but that was what I was given. I just feel it strange to have ".PNG" in it. That seems to be a photo variant like jpg. Well, thought I´d share it anyway.
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  1. I don't know if 'Hoya' is the right name, but it is a lovely plant, beautiful little flowers.

  2. Heisann! They are so lovely and in many different shapes and colors. Be aware of the scent in the night! Not always good ;:OD)

  3. Please, visit Mias "Mias Hoya": ... she knows a lot ;:OD)

  4. Beautiful wax-flower. We have some in our patio and the smell is absolutely wonderful.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. A very beautiful little flower! Love this particular soft yellow tone!

  6. Hei. Ja, det er en Hoya du har der. Porselensplante kaller vi dem i Norge. Min blomstret sist for mange år siden. Nå er den bare grø fin og lett å stelle er den:)

  7. I have ever only seen the pink blossoms. Mine is in bloom just now, but they are all tucked up near the plant, not showing against the light, the way yours are!! I love the airy feel of your images!!

  8. Ah, this is lovely. That second shot is my favorite...pretty, delicate colors. Nice work!

  9. Porslinsblommor är så vackra!

  10. Hoya er fin og lett å ha med å gjøre, heldigvis :)
    Ha en fin kveld,

  11. Heter den också Porslinsblomma?
    Fint fotograferad och mjuk vacker ton :)

  12. I have a hoya plant and I never heard of the .png part. Mine blooms very occasionally, but the flowers are pinkish rather than yellow. You can prune the long leaf stems to make a more compact plant if you want to, I recently learned. Good luck with it, and a very pretty flower.

  13. Porslinsblommorna är vackra, men de kladdar gärna ner. Ha dé! Elisabeth


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