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NF Waters 74 The last one

Every Sunday

NF Waters 74
Welcome to a new edition of NF Waters. A meme for everything about waters. Get wet and have fun! Know that I am a busy woman and don´t visit everybody. But I do return a comment. :)

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The Atlantic Ocean at Dakhla, Morocco
NF Photo 121116

NF Waters has been languishing lately. Therefore, I have now decided to put it down. Maybe I start it again eventually.

For now I refer to Kim's Water World Wednesday.
(have to mention though that today her comment field created links to ads from what I wrote in the comments, not pleasent if you ask me. I have ads below the post but that is the way I pay for thumbnail linky and is not connected with visitors sayings. )

Thank you for this time.
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  1. It's sad that this is the last NF Waters, it was a good weekly challenge :(

  2. When you say 'NF Meme has been languishing and you intend to close it down' you mean all NatureFootstep, or just the 'Water' meme? I hope the latter, as I so much enjoy taking part in 'Blo-Ma' and 'Winged' particularly.

    1. thanks for pointing it out. I changed the words to "NF Waters" because that one is the only one closing down. The others continue as usual.

    2. Thanks for clarifying that :-))

  3. Sad to see NF Waters close. It's been fun participating, however, I understand that we all have lives and we are busy people...

  4. I love this meme - sorry that it is not going to continue. I like it because it is smaller than some. When I go to a meme and there are 185 entries I get discouraged - I like to visit the other participants and with a smaller group I find that so much less intimidating. Thanks for hosting this.

  5. Tråkigt att du stänger. Mycket talande med den svarta bilden. Jag har nog inte varit så aktiv på senaste tiden för ploggarlusten har inte varit den bästa.
    Bra att de andra får vara kvar.

  6. I love that image of the surf and the clouds crossing the sky!!!

  7. I am sorry that you are done, even temporarily, with this great meme. I like the view of the Atlantic ocean from the "other" side as well. And when I went to Water World Wednesday, at least today there was no problem with any ads on my comment. Thank you for your hosting and your other memes as well.


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