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NF Waters 71 Blue males for breeding

Every Sunday

NF Waters 71
Welcome to a new edition of NF Waters. A meme for everything about waters. Get wet and have fun! Know that I am a busy woman and don´t visit everybody. But I do return a comment. :)

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Åkergroda - Rana arvalis - Moor Frog
NF Photo 130429, Östra Vingåkers Viltvatten

This was the first time I have seen this frog in it´s mating color. The male turns blue when it is mating season.  A video from youtube

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  1. Very cool, I love the frogs. Great shot!

  2. Oh wow, what a fabulous shot!!! Frogs are so cute!

  3. Söta grodor! Det är inte ofta jag ser grodor, speciellt inte här i "stan".

  4. Ja,de ser verkligen både vackra och roliga ut! Snyggt taget!

  5. now 've seen frogs...unbelievable...

  6. Härlig bild! Vackra och fina grodor. /Elisabeth

  7. Blue frogs! I had no idea. Thanks SO much for sharing them.

  8. Oh I love these blue frogs.... So cute.... Michelle from nature notes

  9. Oh, you are running a water meme - I'll keep that in mind. I don't often get good water shots, but every now and then ...

    Love the cute blue frogs. Thanks for sharing.


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