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NF Waters #47 Lighthouse reflection

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NF Waters #47
Welcome to a new edition of NF Waters. A meme for everything about waters. Get wet and have fun!
Välkommna till en ny utgåva av NF Waters. Memet för allting som har med vatten att göra. Bli blöt och ha kul.   

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NF Photo 120825 Oxelösund

A shot from August that I been waiting to post. I took it on a birding trip to Hävringe in the Baltic sea.
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N O T E !
I´ll be off to Morocco the next two weeks. As I have 4 memes I will probably just mess things up if I try to put all of them on schedule. But I decided to keep them open until I am back. That way you can always scroll down to the meme of your choise and post your shots every week if you like. All 4 memes is visible on the first page at all times. I might be able to connect and check on you, but as I hear power and Internet connection is not reliable in Morocco. We are advised to bring candles. :)
Have fun till I´m back!
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  1. Cool lighthouse and a neat reflection capture!

  2. NIce capture! Enjoy your time in Morocco and take lots of photos :-)

  3. Wow ! This is a gorgeous reflection in this water ! Beautiful shot !

  4. I can see why you really wanted to post this photo, Monica. It's great for so many reasons.

    Enjoy your time away and we'll eagerly anticipate some great photos on your return.

  5. Love the lonely lighthouse and the red candle-like reflection in the water...Have a wonderful trip...look forward to the pictures! Thank you for hosting.

  6. Wow!! That is gorgeous!! I love the light catching the lighthouse, and the way it simply glows! And the reflection, of course!!

  7. is that red structure a lighthouse? nice shot...and have a fun and safe trip to Morocco...

  8. Herlig fyrlykt!
    God tur til Marokko. Var der for en tid tilbake. Strøm er utmerket, få problemer, men ta med konverter for støpsel. Internet var fraværende der vi var...
    Men, flotte fotoopplevelser hadde vi!

  9. Beautiful, tranquil scene and that red just makes it even better.

  10. Vacker bild!
    Ha det så bra i Marocko!

  11. Fun! :)
    I join with a blogpost, with some water picts in :)

  12. Wonderful pics! The lighthouse looks grand! Thank you for hosting!!

  13. An awesome reflection! Have fun in Morocco.

  14. That lighthouse looks so insanely red ! O_o nice catch.

  15. And have a nice hollyday in Marocco ; that is such a gorgeous country.

  16. I love the red lighthouse and what a great reflection for the day!! Have a lovely holiday in Morocco!!

  17. Utrolig stilig med refleksjonen fra fyret!

  18. Nice capture and have a great holiday:)

  19. Lovely Capture. Enjoy your time away and bring back some more lovely captures.


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