Monday: NF Inspiring Photography- Catching light 
Tuesday:  NF Blo-Ma    
 Wednesday:  NF Digital Art Meme, DAM
      All.starts around 10.00h Stockholm time and please don´t confuse them as there are 2 of them and with NF Digital Art Meme on Bildverkstan
Be sure you link to the right one. One of each is always visible on the front page. Just scroll down to find yours.



Starting next week I will run 3 memes again. To find them please follow the links below. 

Digital art meme on Bildverkstan. 

Next week "NF Catching Light" will reopen. Mondays as usual but
I realized from comments that some of you actually learned from it so I will change it a bit. I will give explanations and occasionally give you optional themes to work with. That will challenge me a bit too.

I will also start a new meme. A topic I have not seen before. Trees and bushes! That will give some people an excuse to link up their flowering trees and bushes as well. The meme will run for the summer at least. I have tons of trees to post from all over the world.   :)
"NF Trees n Bushes" will open on Tuesdays with start next week in this blog.


  1. Great news, I will start perusing my files for trees. I love trees and even bushes so this one will be very interesting. Welcome back to Catching the light ... it seems as though after you canceled it, I was seeing all kinds of possibilities. I do so look forward to your memes, Monica. I am glad you are sticking it out. We may be a small group, but we have fun and people post some amazing art on your memes. You should be proud.

    Andrea @ FromThe Sol

    1. thanks Andrea. It is nice to know it is appreciated. :) I do hope both will be fun to work with. :)

  2. Jeg kommer til å delta hver gang jeg har anledning. Tusen takk for at du orker.
    Gleder meg til busker og trær. Legger vi alt på facebooksiden også?
    Ha en flott dag.

    1. Vad du postar på FB-sidan är upp till dig. Men det ska vara något du tycker är konst. :)
      Lägger du upp din frukost tar jag nog bort den Om du inte lekt med den digitalt förstås :)

  3. Thanks for the invitation! I will link in tomorrow. Good luck with all three...maybe I can enter the Catching Light sometimes too.

  4. så, flott! Har litt travle dager men skal prøve å henge meg på der jeg klarer.
    Hilsen Photo by Ingun


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