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NF Blo-Ma 92 Blueberry

Every Tuesday

NF Blo-Ma 92
Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. Not necessarily macro flowers.  Thanks everyone who joined last week.
Spring is here with lots of flower and macro opportunities. Don´t forget, your butterfly serves great as a macro shot. :)

Addition: Why not make some flower and macro art while you are at it? To add a little more fun to the meme.

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Blueberry flower
©  NF Photo 140425
Today I share a tiny flower that most people only passes buy. The flower of blueberry bush. It is quite nice when you bend down to look at it. Let´s see what you found today. :)

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  1. Morsomt at du også hadde med blåbærblomst :)
    Ha en fin dag.

  2. I have never even wondered what blueberry flowers look like! Thank you for showing me!!! They are lovely!

  3. A very unusual flower! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Den bilden var vacker! Nu inleds en lång väntan på att de ska bli mogna.

  5. First time I've seen the flower of the Blueberry. Nice shot :-))

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. De är så fina! Här har blåbärsriset inte ens blad ännu.

  8. You have a blueberry, I have a true blue Dampiera! Thanks for hosting.


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