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NF Blo-Ma 76 Japansk Lykta - Japanese lantern


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NF Blo-Ma 76
Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. The name might need an explanation for international players. Blo comes from the Swedish word for flower, blomma and Ma is for macro. English translation would be Flo-Ma but that does not sound so good in Swedish so Blo-Ma it is. Thanks everyone who joined last week.
If flower comes short this time of year dont´ forget you can link up macro shots.  
Addition: Why not make some flower and macro art while you are at it? To add a little more fun to the meme.

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Japansk Lykta , Physalis alkekengi, Japanese lantern
©  NF Photo 131030

I´d say this wall had the last colors of fall. I share it to bring light with this lantern in the dark world we presently live in.

"Light in darkness" meme
Next week is Christmas week and then it is New Year. There will probably not be that many participants so for each week there will be only ONE MEME themed Light in darkness. You can still post the usual themes but angled towards light and the upcoming feasts. Wishing you a great time with family and friends.

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  1. Love the bright colours of the Japanese lantern :-))

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :-))

  2. Heisann!

    Så rart.... i går satt jeg og lette etter lampe til stua, og det var flere av disse Tiffanylampene jeg valgte meg ut, se bildene dine over... men så fant jeg en gammel lampe som kan gjøre nytta, og den ville jeg bidra med på Fånga ljuset .... fikk tatt bilde men batteriet gikk tomt, og nå ligger alt til lading!
    Kommer tilbake så snart det er strøm nok til å få overført bildet... Nydelige japanske lykter...
    Ha en fin kveld ;:OD)

  3. De här lyktorna lyser upp omgivningen med sin granna färg.

  4. Flotte japanske lykter.
    Ha en fin kveld.

  5. We have these growing in our garden also and they are beautiful. Thanks for hosting.


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