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NF Blo-Ma 52 White Columbine

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NF Blo-Ma 52
Welcome to a new edition of NF Blo-Ma.  A meme all about Flowers and Macro shots. The name might need an explanation for international players. Blo comes from the Swedish word for flower, blomma and Ma is for macro. English translation would be Flo-Ma but that does not sound so good in Swedish so Blo-Ma it is. Thanks everyone who joined last week.
Addition: Why not make some flower and macro art while you are at it? To ad a little more fun to the meme.

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White Columbine - Vit Akleja
 NF Photo 110301

This is a rather tall and elegant Columbine. About 60-70 cm in height. The one i had died and there are none in the shops anymore. If anybody have seeds from it I would love to buy some from you. Tell me in a comment and I´ll contact you.

Den här vita aklejan finns tyvärr inte i butik längre och jag ser den inte i trädgårdarna heller. Den är hög och elegant. Ca 60-70 cm  tror jag. Den jag hade har dött. Om någon läsare har den skulle jag gärna vilja köpa lite frö eller en planta. Säg det i så fall i en kommentar så hör jag av mig.

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  1. Lovely Columbine shot, I like how you caught the light on it.

  2. Beautiful shot of this elegant flower.

  3. Meget vakkert bilde av den majestetiske Akeleie!

  4. I love the light streaming through the flowers, and that tiny dandelion seed caught on the one petal!!!


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