Monday: NF Inspiring Photography- Catching light 
Tuesday:  NF Blo-Ma    
 Wednesday:  NF Digital Art Meme, DAM
      All.starts around 10.00h Stockholm time and please don´t confuse them as there are 2 of them and with NF Digital Art Meme on Bildverkstan
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Upcoming Changes on NF Memes

There will be changes on my memes soon. But I´m not clear about exactly how yet.

1) NF Waters
First "NF Waters" will either move to sundays or be closed down. Since I started NF Waters there has started two other water memes. The last one when I was in Morocco I think. The other two is named Water World Wednesday hosted by Kim and Watery Wednesday 2 hosted by Tricia. Well, three water memes on wednesdays are a crowd. Too much for my taste. So, now I ask you.... do you want to play on sundays? Or is two water memes on wednesday enough for one week? Please let me know.

NB,  there is even one at  So four memes  it is.

2) Abstract Photography/Art
In any case wednesdays will be free for other things. I have been thinking  about starting a meme for "Abstract Photography/Art" which I think would be fun. Is there any interest in that? I guess I can count on Leovi at least. :) I thought the upcoming holidays would be a great opportunity to create abstracts. So, I need a quick response.

So, what IS Abstract?
According to:
Abstraction and abstract art - Imagery which departs from representational accuracy, to a variable range of possible degrees, for some reason other than verisimilitude. Abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around them.

3) NF Inspiring Photography/Catching the light
As a request from Hans HB  "NF Inspiring Photography" will slightly change and focus more on how to create images with light or lack of light. Or simply show what inspiring light you found today.

4) What would you like if Blo-Ma changed to a flower Art meme? There is one request for it.
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  1. Hei.... Jeg syntes det hørtes spennende ut med en utfordring innenfor Abstract Photography,- har ikke funnet noen rendyrkede slike memes?! Nå har jeg ikke søkt etter dette spesielt heller, så det kan jo hende det finnes uten at jeg vet det.
    Men jeg synes ihvertfall det er en god idé:)

  2. Spontant just nu känner jag inte för abstrakt - men man kan ju ändra sig ;)

  3. Vatten på söndagar tycker jag låter bra :)

  4. Det finns en Watery Wednesday även hos Photo Roma (?)
    Photo Art Friday finns ju med tanke på abstract, men hon som hade Flower Art Friday har ju slutat.
    Vatten på söndagar vore kanske en bra idé.

  5. Tror ikke at Abstract Photography vil være noe jeg kan prioritere. Vil selvsagt følge med om det blir en realitet og kanskje noen ganger også delta. Men, akkurat nå er det ikke på min dagsorden.
    Skjønner veldig godt at du ønsker å starte noe nytt. For mange poster med samme temaer er ikke så spennende.
    Ønsker deg en flott 1. søndag i advent!

  6. Vil også si at jeg beundrer deg og andre som administrerer disse "temaene" for alle oss andre. Jeg setter stor pris på det!
    Jeg har vært på leiting etter temaet "lys" som kan tolkes på mange forskjellige måter, fra ulike "lyskilder" til lys i bilder en tar...

  7. Hans, I will change Inspiring Photography to meet your request. :)

  8. I like all your ideas. Abstractm mem idea is great, and change of "Inspiring" is quite... inspiring? :)

  9. And about Blo-Ma - well, I like current blo-ma, it's "wider" and I think if it'll change to "art" meme, there will be too few participants (but I may be wrong of course :))

  10. I think doing a water meme on Sunday is a great idea. Thanks!

  11. I like the fourth option: Light/Lack of light.

  12. LOLL, I can't count. Of course I meant option three!

  13. Hi, they all sound good options! But have to say that I'm least interested in Abstract Art, because it would mostly attract people who are really good at photography and digital art.
    I personally choose some memes above other (of the same kind) because the host makes it interesting (for my taste) and also for the people who visit it!
    Whatever you choose, it's your blog, dear friend:)

  14. Thanks for yoru input. About the Abstract photo, yes, it is aimed at photography. I love participate at Bonnýs PAF, but I mostly feel like am not fiting in. It is soo much about texturesn not photography. And I rarely use texture and when I do, it is my own. So, I wanted to try this to see if there are more people like me out there.


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