NF Waters #53 Wet snow curtain

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NF Waters #53
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Welcome to a new edition of NF Waters. A meme for everything about waters. Get wet and have fun!
Välkommna till en ny utgåva av NF Waters. Memet för allting som har med vatten att göra. Bli blöt och ha kul.   

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NF Photo 121229
This is a daycare center I was passing by yesterday night. It was thawing and the snow melted and created this snow curtain. Drip,  drop  and then a part of it fell to the ground.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year
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  1. Those curtains of snow are so interesting! I always wonder how long till gravity wins, and they fall...

  2. Que o Ano de 2013 seja de muitas felicidades, bençãos e alegrias para
    Voce minha Amiga!

    May the Year of 2013 is of much happiness, blessings and joys to
    You My Friend!


  3. The snow looks so much like a thick curtain hanging round the building! Incredible sight!

  4. Brrrrrr! Looks very cold. Come Downunder for some sunshine and some very liquid water!

    Thanks for hosting.


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