Monday: NF Inspiring Photography- Catching light 
Tuesday:  NF Blo-Ma    
 Wednesday:  NF Digital Art Meme, DAM
      All.starts around 10.00h Stockholm time and please don´t confuse them as there are 2 of them and with NF Digital Art Meme on Bildverkstan
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NF Inspiring Photography #10 Amaryllis lighted

 NF Inspiring Photography #10
NF Inspiring Photography, a new meme for creative and inspiring photography. Today we reached no 10. Hopefully there will be more people joining this week. Or don´t you guys want to be inspired?
Share the shots you were inspired to take. Get Inspired by others and inspire them. But mostly, have fun. See you around, I hope! I have some computer issues this week. :(

So far this is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. If nothing else, comments makes people happy and helps spread the word about this meme. Thank you for participating.
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Time again soon to shoot in your home?   NF Photo  120114
 From Bildverkstan
(For this meme-post I will use work from my blog Bildverkstan and then I will ad something new in the link list as you do.)

This site is now hosting 4 memes. One for each day monday-thursday. Please don´t confuse them.

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  1. At last I am here to join the fun :) Your own entry is certainly inspiring.

  2. Min länkadress har vlivit fel. Korrekt adress är My link is wrong, corect adress is
    I wish you all a good day!


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