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 Wednesday:  NF Digital Art Meme, DAM
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NF Inspiring Photography #6

 NF Inspiring Photography #6
NF Inspiring Photography, a new meme for creative and inspiring photography.
You can share your photos that has the little extra. Something that came "out of the blue" maybe. But you like it as it has that special quality about it. It can be a SOOC shot or a shot you created with Photo Shop or other software. And don´t hesitate because you do not have the fancy camera. Even cellphones takes great shots today.
Get Inspired by others and inspire them. But mostly, have fun. And thank you for participating.
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NF Photo   120404 
From Bildverkstan Vattendroppar - Waterdrops

This site is now hosting 4 memes. One for each day monday-thursday. Please don´t confuse them.
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  1. It is ok with a linky with an ad. Thanks for hosting the memes. I enjowy them very much. Have a good week!

  2. If the ad makes it easier for you, then do it!! Thank you for your memes - they're always very interesting!

  3. Much informative and useful article… I like it personally…

  4. This is beautiful! Great saturation!


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