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NF Winged #45 Ängssmygare

Torsdagar  - Thursdays 
NF Winged #45

Memet för allting med vingar. -  Everything with wings.

Välkommen till NF Winged. Sommaren är här. Oavsett vilket väder det blir. Liknar ju mest Aprilväder för närvarande kallt och varmt om vartannat. :(   Det här är memet för alla era små och stora vingade vänner. Idag ser ni en liten smygare här. De flyger omkring som små gyllene bollar. På min blogg för trollsländor finns ett par kärrtrollsländor att kika på. :)

Welcome to a new Winged Edition. Summer is here even if the weather mostly looks like April. :(   This is a meme, or meeting place, for everything with wings. I´d like to see flying creatures from all over the world. Today I show you a skipper. They are flying around looking like golden balls. On my dragonfly blog there are a couple of White-faced darters to study. :)

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Ängssmygare - Ochlodes sylvanus - Large Skipper
NF Photo 120618, Luvsjön
N O T E - O B S linky open for 3 weeks this time
I am going to Scotland coming Sunday and will be gone until Sunday July 8. I have 4 memes and to set up all of them for every week would probably end in disaster. Therefore this meme will be open until I am back. During that time you can post new links whenever you want. Just don´t forget to get back to check if there are more new links to explore. Have fun!
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  1. Flott tiltak og pene bilder. Skal se om jeg får til et bidrag etter hvert. Denne helga har jeg en foto oppdrag jeg må gjennomføre!

  2. Wonderful photo of the skipper!

  3. Very crisp focus on skipper.

  4. Keep on writing, great job!
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