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Tuesday:  NF Blo-Ma    
 Wednesday:  NF Digital Art Meme, DAM
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Time to get wet

NF Photo 100505, in Camargue

Starting up a new meme as I think there is room for another wet meetingplace. I have opened a test linky list so you can start if you like. It will close sunday at 13.00 h.

Then NF Waters no1 opens monday, oct 17,  at 20.00h, Stockholm time. See clock in the sidebar.
The red X beside your name means you can delete the link if you made a mistake.

And. please leave a coment and tell me what you think. :)


  1. I don't know what has happened to Watery Wednesday. It was/is one of my favourite memes and I hate to see it end - if that's what is happening - so I will play here with you. :)

    The wave in your photo is captured wonderfully!

  2. Great capture of the wave!...Christine

  3. perfect timing on this photo! wouldn't you know, i JUST started participating in ww about a month ago...about the same time is seems to be fading away...i'll play along with your nf waters!

  4. Wow, what a tremedous crashing wave!

    A new water meme will be fun. I love water shots!

  5. I posted my link to my post on yours too, not sure why 2 sweets meme hasn't come up for a fortnight since I thought it to be automatic. Maybe she is away, anyway a very good idea to open one too-I shall add this site to my memes list. Great shot btw:)

  6. Thank you for the invite. Don't know what happened to Watery Wednesday. I've entered my link and will link back.


  7. Strange! I was just wondering if I should start a watery meme with Watery Wednesday fading away! So many of us love our water hit each week! Thanks for the invite! I have posts on 2 blogs linked here!

  8. Härlig bild!!!!

  9. I did not know the other Watery Wednesday is gone now. Sure, I would like to play.

  10. Thanks for providing this for us!:)

  11. i like the idea and will be on board :)

  12. Thanks for starting this meme -- most of our life is lived on the water and I need a water-related memke!! I'll join on Monday! Thank you.

  13. Thanks. Glad to se you and hope we will have fun. :)


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