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NF Inspiring Photography 57 - Catching the light in the sink

NF Inspiring Photography 57 - Catching the light 
NF Inspiring Photography, a meme for creative and inspiring photography and photo art. Focus more on how to catch the light. Create images with light or lack of light. Share the shots you were inspired to take or make. And then, this is the place to showcase them. The topic can, of course, be interpreted in many ways.  Most important have fun.

I´d like this to be a living meme. Not only another linky list. So far this is a small meme, surely you have the time to comment on others. Thank you for participating.
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NF Photo 111122

In last weeks NF Abstract I had one of those colorful, shiny, images. Seemed to be quite popular. So I give you some more this week. This is quite simple to do if you have an hour o spare and want to play around a bit.  I did it in my sink. Used a wine glass and a yellow aluminium sheet I bought in the bookstore. And water and light of course. I think it is the lamp that lits up the sink when you do the dishes that is used. Looks better then the flash. But is a bit harder.

Somebody said it is Leovi style. But it is not. It is NatureFootstep style. I´m no copycat. I did this kind of shots long before I even knew about him. I like to play sometimes. He is actually the reason why I rarely post images like this. If there is too much of something I avoid it. But this week I´ll post colorful and shiny.

Have fun catching light. Where ever you find it.

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  1. Man er neppe noen etteraper, selv om andre mener å tro det.
    Nydelig bilde og takk for "oppskriften"
    Ha en fin dag.

  2. I actually don't think it is Leovi style at all! And if it were - who cares- it is your work! Of course I love it - the colour is obviously appealing to me:) But I also love the almost metallic sparkly transparencies... and it can still see that it is a glass - a beautiful glowing one in a glowing "water" environment. I really must try and do more with my camera and light - and not just also rely on post -processing. Maybe next week for this one...:)
    And thanks for your comment on my blog. Do you know, I never realised before that kronors were crowns! I read a lot of Swedish crime fiction and am quite familiar with that word - and "skol" :)

  3. I really like the color. It is golden and sparkly:)

  4. My favourite part is that waterspout beside the glass!!! I don't think it is Leovi style, either. You may be constructing a photo, and using some of the same elements as he does, but this is very different, and all your own. I mean, we all use light, and some of us adore macro work, and we all see things differently...

  5. Beautiful composition, lovely photo!

  6. I love this! And it looks like way more fun than having a sink full of dirty dishes! As far as it being someome else's style, I think not. It is definately yours, and it's marvellous!

  7. That's a really creative shot, really nice!! It kinda reminded me of a set of experiments I did with a glass of water a few years back. I've just posted one for this theme.

  8. Corrected my link. Thank you for alerting me to the error.


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