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NF Waters #30 Storspov - Eurasian Curlew

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NF Waters #30
Welcome to a new edition of NF Waters. A meme for everything about waters. Get wet and have fun! I am back from Scotland and everything outside is wet. So, finding watershots would be easy. Have fun and thanks for joining.
Välkommna till en ny utgåva av NF Waters. Memet för allting som har med vatten att göra. Bli blöt och ha kul. Jag är hemma igen från Skottland och allt utomhus verkar blött så det borde vara lätt att hitta blöta motiv.    

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Storspov - Eurasian Curlew     NF Photo 120707, Scotland
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  1. Very nice shot! Hoe you had a great holiday!

    Thanks for hosting.

  2. Welcome back from your holidays and thank you for hosting this source of wonderful nature photos. Every time, it's a bit like a short holiday to look at them!
    I love your picture of today, the colour and the lightness. It made me smile.

  3. They are such sweet birds, there are a lot of them around here too.

  4. That is a lovely shot. I don't think I've ever seen a bird quite like that before.

  5. thanks for joining. Love to see you here.:)


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